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Party ID: Independents Rule




Nearly half of Americans – 46 percent – described themselves as political independents last month, according to partisan identification data compiled by Gallup.  That’s the second-highest mark ever recorded – and the fifteenth consecutive survey in which the total of self-described independents topped 40 percent.

By contrast, only 28 percent of Americans classified themselves as Democrats and only 24 percent said they were “Republicans” in the latest survey.

GOP partisan identification hasn’t topped 25 percent since last June, while Democratic partisan identification hasn’t topped 33 percent since last March – signs America’s two-party system is losing its grip over an increasingly disaffected electorate.

Don’t believe us?  Look at the voter turnout (or lack thereof) for the major party primary and runoff elections last month (HERE and HERE).

When U.S. President Barack Obama took office in 2009, only 33 percent of Americans identified as independents – compared to 36 percent who described themselves as Democrats and 30 percent who described themselves as “Republicans.