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Bible Thumper’s Consultant Leaves Profane, Threatening Message




Not many people know this, but South Carolina Bible-thumper and Tea Party panderer Sheri Few’s campaign for state superintendent of education was run by a foul-mouthed New Jerseyite named Rick Shaftan.

Nothing wrong with foul-mouthed New Jerseyites, obviously (we know a few we’re quite fond of actually) … but Few is one of those “freaky for Jesus” types who never misses an opportunity to impose her sanctimoniousness on the rest of us.

Anyway, Few’s campaign paid Mountaintop Media – Shaftan’s company – nearly $30,000 in the months leading up to the June 10 “Republican” primary election, which saw Few finish third in an eight-way race.

Now … what do we care about some hypocritical “Republican” hiring an ineffective out-of-state flack?

Absolutely nothing …

Well, except for this voicemail Shaftan left recently for Lauren Stephens, a former Few staffer.

Enjoy …

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“Are you out of your fucking mind?” Shaftan asks Stephens in the voicemail. “You better call me right back you’re creating some serious long-term problems for yourself that I know you don’t want to create. So … you might wanna call back right away.”

Whoa …

What prompted this spewing of vitriol?

According to our sources, Stephens quit working for Few not long after she uncovered alleged “irregularities” in campaign spending and coordination.

Interesting …

Stay tuned … FITS is attempting to locate Stephens in an effort to see if she can elaborate on the “irregularities” she witnessed while working on Few’s campaign.  In fact our guess is S.C. State Ethics Commission (SCSEC) members might be interested in that information as well.

Developing …