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Colorado Pot Tax Nets $2 Million




This website has previously criticized the excessively high marijuana taxes levied in Colorado and Washington State – the first two states to legalize pot.

“If individuals want to grow marijuana on their own private property – and smoke it in a manner that doesn’t infringe on others people’s liberties – then they should be able to do so free from any government taxation,” we wrote. “Meanwhile if they want to sell their pot to others, they shouldn’t be forced to pay anything beyond the regular state sales tax.”

“Decriminalizing pot is not enough … it needs to be taxed fairly, not taxed to death,” we concluded.

Of course that’s not happening in left-leaning Colorado – where an assortment of levies raked in $2 million in tax revenue from recreational marijuana sales in January, the first month pot was legal (for purchases up to an ounce).

Bizarrely, Colorado will spend much of its pot revenue on government programs aimed at … you guessed it … keeping young people away from pot.

Sheesh …

Are these elected officials high? Wait … don’t answer that.

Excessive tax rates – as well as government-mandated limitations on purchase size – do not represent the free market at work. And on top of that Colorado is plowing its resources into demand reduction? This system is rigged for pot legalization to fail … forcing consumers back into the black market economy (where government makes nothing).

We have never believed the prospect of government revenue was a good reason to legalize anything (drugs, gambling, prostitution … you name it). Government has more than enough money to perform its core functions.

These things should be legal because America is – or at least is supposed to be – a free market, where individuals are permitted to buy and sell what they wish (including themselves) up to the point such transactions compromise another’s liberty.




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