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The South Will Rise Again …




The Tea Party movement is being examined through the lens of “Southern radicalism” in a new class being taught at The Citadel – South Carolina’s government-subsidized military college.

“The Insurgent South” is a new course being offered this semester at the school. It is being taught by Lombard, Illinois native Dr. Kerry Taylor, whose website goes out of its way to stress his “family ties to the Low Country.”

Hmmmm …

“Race is a central course theme,” Taylor writes in the syllabus for his offering. “Racism has served as the point of unity for the Ku Klux Klan and the Redeemers, for instance, but we will also look at the ways in which subordinated southerners – African Americans, women, and white textile workers – have struggled to make real the promise of democracy through their struggles for political equality and economic justice.”

Uhhhhh … okay.

Taylor’s syllabus makes no mention of the Tea Party, but a poster advertising the course does … noting that it will examine “Southern radicalism and grassroots protest from the Populist revolt through the Tea Party rebellion.”

Take a look …

(Click to enlarge)

southern insurgents

Hmmmm … (again).

We won’t dispute Taylor’s basic premise (to the extent we understand it), but the last time we checked the Tea Party wasn’t radical. Seriously … it’s a bunch of retirees (a.k.a. the only people who have time to attend political rallies these days).

So is Taylor’s course more politically correct revisionist history? Or is it propaganda from the Southern vantage point? Or is it neither?

Whatever the answer to that question is, there is but one conclusion to be drawn about this course: Taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing it, or any other form of “higher” education.

The entire rotten system should be privatized … yesterday.

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