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Jeff Duncan Assails Obama Jobs Record




U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan isn’t having any of the “recovery” spin coming out of Barack Obama’s White House.

In response to the latest jobs report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the South Carolina Republican rewound the clock to November 2008 – when Obama was first elected president. At that time, America’s population was 305 million – and 145 million Americans had jobs.

Fast forward to today … America’s population is currently 317.7 million, yet the number of Americans with jobs has barely moved (145.3 million).

“Thirteen million more people, only 300,000 more jobs,” Duncan said. “That’s not a strong recovery.”

He’s absolutely right …

As this website has repeatedly noted, America’s shrinking labor participation rate (it was 63 percent according to the latest report) is absolutely destroying any shot this country has at a real “recovery.” And nowhere is this shrinking workforce more evident than in South Carolina – where the labor participation rate current stands at a record low of 58 percent.

How to turn this around? Easy: Stop spending so much damn money on government and let the free market take over …

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