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Osborne: Democrats Need To Stop “Blame Game”




By John Osborne || For years South Carolina Democrats have been blaming everyone but themselves for their problems. Of course it doesn’t take much investigation to uncover the inescapable truth: They have made themselves obsolete.

Invariably Democrats take positions that go against the views of most South Carolinians – rendering them unelectable statewide. Then they beat their base like a baby seal every year fighting for something South Carolinians do not want – more government dependency.

And what do they do after they lose? Complain about gerrymandering – or attempt to pin the blame on the demographics they love to highlight.

Look no further than the Democratic priorities for the 2014 legislative session: Medicaid expansion, increasing the minimum wage and raising teacher pay.

Yes, you heard that right: South Carolina Democrats are still supporting Obamacare – which roughly thirty percent of the nation approves of.

In fact Vincent Sheheen – the Democratic gubernatorial nominee – thinks so highly of this legislation he all but killed his chances of being elected governor by endorsing it last session.

Next up we have the minimum wage. Even though a Congressional Budget Office report states that it could cost America a million jobs, Democrats have made it the forefront of their national agenda –  and South Carolina’s perpetual minority party is blindly going along for the ride.

Then they add teacher pay to the agenda. Wasn’t it Vincent Sheheen – along with “Republican” Rick Quinn Jr. – who pushed through legislation tying school funding to the sales tax (an unsustainable revenue source)?  So in essence, wouldn’t this mean Democrats are campaigning on fixing their own mistakes?

But rather than recruit candidates for their base to actually vote for – or candidates who could attract independents – Democrats claim gerrymandering is the problem with all of their races.

Let’s imagine in an alternate universe, though, in which we made every district match the state’s demographics. Under such a set-up, the population of every district would look roughly like this – 5.4 percent Latino, 27 percent African- American, and 68 percent Caucasian.

That doesn’t exactly scream “Democratic victory” – which means Democrats should stop blaming every loss on gerrymandering.

In 2012 only 90 of the 170 legislative districts in South Carolina even had a Democrat on the ballot.

South Carolina Democrats are rudderless. Hopefully they can make a course correction, but we all know that won’t happen. Fixing their trajectory is the last thing the Democratic elite in South Carolina wants. Because, if that was to happen, the voters would have power and God forbid that happen. In South Carolina, Democrats kill competition as quickly as they try to destroy free markets.

They would rather eat themselves alive than win.

John Osborne is a military veteran and a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina.

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