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Polling earlier this month seemed to indicate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was surviving his administration’s “Bridge-gate” scandal – in which lanes on the George Washington Bridge were closed in a deliberate attempt to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey (home of a mayor who failed to support Christie’s 2013 reelection bid).

But “upon further review” the rotund establishment Republican may be encountering electoral headwinds as a result of the debacle.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, Christie – the choice of the GOP status quo – now trails 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton by a 46-38 percent margin. Last month the same pollsters had Christie leading Clinton by a 42-41 percent margin.

Christie took a huge hit among independent voters, who previously supported him over Clinton by a 47-32 percent margin.

Now? Clinton enjoys a narrow 42-41 percent edge with these same voters.

Also, the poll shows only 35 percent of respondents now say Christie would make a good president, down from 49 percent in a November poll.

“New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie’s 2016 presidential drive is stuck in traffic, sideswiped by Bridgegate, the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal,” Quinnipiac’s pollsters noted.

Indeed … and that’s a good thing.

If “Republicans” hope to win a national election again then they are going to have to reach beyond fiscally liberal GOP establishment candidates like Christie, Mitt Romney and John McCain. We thought the GOP might figure that out in 2012, but alas …

Quinnipiac’s latest poll surveyed 1,933 registered voters nationwide from January 15-19.  It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.2 percentage points. To view the results for yourself, click on the link below …