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The Government Rubber Study



When you’re talking about a $4 trillion government printing, spending and borrowing money like it’s going out of style, $224,863 isn’t “a drop in the bucket.”  In fact it isn’t even a molecule in a drop in the bucket.

But when you start adding up ridiculously unnecessary quarter million dollar expenditures, you get ridiculously unnecessary millions of dollars in spending, which eventually leads to ridiculously unnecessary billions of dollars in spending and at that point you know what they say … a billion here, a billion there and sooner or later you’re talking about real money.

Which leads us back to the $224,863 budgeted this year by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a study of ninety-five different fitted condoms.

Wait … what?

Yup.  Having already spent hundred of thousands of tax dollars on a study to determine why condom usage is so low (really?), the federal government is now looking to “improve upon traditional self-report mechanisms of penis measurement” as it relates to fitted condoms.

Awesome …

Like so many other, um, “larger” government expenses, finding the best-fitting condom is not a core function of government. Nor is the warring government-funded propaganda over abstinence versus safe sex.

And while this many not be a large amount of tax money to save, at the end of the day every dollar counts …


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