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Government Schools “Marking” The Poor



A principal at a government-run charter school in Lafayette, Colorado was fired from her job for opposing a discriminatory practice in which students who didn’t have enough lunch money were “marked.”

Noelle Roni of Peak to Peak Charter School – which is under the authority of the government-run Boulder Valley School District – opposed a policy in which students whose lunch accounts lacked sufficient funding were “stamped,” causing them to be ridiculed by their peers.

“The kids are humiliated. They’re branded. It’s disrespectful. Where’s the human compassion? And these are little children,” Roni told CBS 4 Denver.

Indeed … for a school to do this to any child (let alone an elementary school child) is just cruel.

Parents were (rightfully) furious when they found out the reason for Roni’s termination, and have begun a campaign to have her reinstated.  They are also looking at recalling a pair of school board members over the fiasco.

Good for them …

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