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SC Blogs: Our Diction Is Bigger, Better



Recently we welcomed former (?) National Security Agency analyst and Nikki Haley acolyte Charlie Speight back to the South Carolina political blogosphere – which is starting to heat up again in anticipation of the upcoming 2014 statewide (and 2016 presidential primary ) elections.

We would be remiss, though, not to also send a shoutout to a new Palmetto political blog, – the mouthpiece of South Carolina’s big spending, crony capitalist, “Republican” establishment and devout haters of the pro-free market, pro-liberty wing of the GOP.

We quoted this site in our recent story on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – who is staring down a pair of major scandals up in the Garden State.

Anyway, in rushing to Christie’s defense (establishment “Republicans” gotta stick together), referenced the existence of a “palatable” hate toward the rotund RINO in South Carolina.

Um … “palatable?”

Look, we get that this is South Carolina – where the indigenous population isn’t especially quick on the uptake.  In fact “not quick on the uptake” is putting it politely.  Most South Carolinians are slow – and getting slower.

Also we understand that looking at Christie would make one think of food …

christie palatable

Mmmmmmm … “git in mah belly!”

Still, as opposed to “palatable” (i.e. having a pleasant or agreeable taste) we believe the word this website’s authors were looking for was “palpable” (i.e. easily perceptible).

Now … why would we stoop so low as to correct the language fail of a nothingburger blog?

Well, aside from the fact it’s lonely at the top (and we’re hankering for something, anything resembling competition in the South Carolina new media marketplace), it’s easy: We LOVE showing off just how big our diction really is.

And how small somebody else’s is by comparison …

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