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Press Statement From SC Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell



In the following statement, Lt. Governor McConnell announces his decision on whether he will seek re-election as Lt. Governor:

“I have spent the past month weighing the decision about whether to seek re-election or to offer my name as a candidate for the presidency of the College of Charleston.  Any effort to pursue both goals at the same time is simply not an honorable path.

It would not be fair to good candidates who may want to seek this office.  Most of all, it would not be fair to the voters of South Carolina to ask them to support me for Lt. Governor if there is even a chance I might not remain in the campaign.

For those reasons, I have decided I will NOT be a candidate for re-election.  And I will instead formally offer my name for consideration to the College of Charleston.

I have no idea whether or not I will be successful.  I only know that this is the honorable course for me to take.  And I also know as a matter of faith that the right thing to do is always the best thing to do.

I also believe this decision is in the best interest of my present duties as Lt. Governor.  During the months I have left, I can now focus on the reform proposals our office is developing to help our State’s growing population of seniors without being distracted by the demands of a re-election campaign.

But the most compelling reason I have chosen this course is because of my love for the College of Charleston and my belief that I can be of service to her in facing the complex challenges and capturing the opportunities the future holds.

If selected, I am fully committed to that task.  And for that reason alone, I am not seeking re-election as Lt. Governor to make myself available for consideration by the Search Committee.  Within a few days, I shall be making a formal application for the presidency of the College of Charleston.”

NOTE: The attached op-ed, giving a more detailed explanation of this decision, is being sent to editorial page editors today as well.

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