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SCDP: Nikki Haley Failing South Carolina



Columbia, SC – The South Carolina Democratic Party today mailed its 2013 Report Card to Governor Nikki Haley, citing continued failures of her administration after originally covering up the hacking that put millions at risk, keeping parents in the dark for two months while their children were exposed to tuberculosis at a public school in Greenwood, and nine other rankings by independent organizations that show South Carolina falling further behind in education, economic mobility and the safety of women during Nikki Haley’s tenure.

“Nikki Haley is failing at leading South Carolina for the third year in a row, and continues to prove that she’s just not good at doing her job as Governor,” said SCDP Chairman Jaime Harrison. “Whether it’s the hacking and TB scandal cover ups, or the failure to meet our state’s great potential on most other measures, there is simply no accountability and no leadership under Nikki Haley and it’s time for a change.”

For students, teachers, businesses and so many others, it’s a time for accountability to measure progress and prepare to improve in the future. Harrison urged South Carolinians to similarly use this time of reflection to evaluate their chief executive as well, which is why SCDP chose to release the 2013 report card this week.

The 2013 Report Card also looks to independent ratings and news reports on key issues where South Carolina continues to be at the top of all the bad lists and the bottom of the good lists because of Nikki Haley’s failures.

After the state government was hacked, Governor Haley covered up the fact that millions of South Carolina’s businesses and families were exposed to identity theft. Earlier this year, her administration was caught flat footed as the company she hand-picked for the state contract on credit monitoring abused victims further by soliciting them for fees and additional business.

Similarly, Haley’s administration failed to inform people about the need to change services to maintain their free credit monitoring services. And when South Carolinians went to sign up, they struggled through website glitches and technical problems that made it impossible to get the monitoring they were promised. For the continued failures in dealing with the aftermath of the Department of Revenue Hacking, Haley earned an F-.

Another major event this year put children at risk: Nikki Haley’s administration kept quiet for two months when they found out about a tuberculosis outbreak in a public school in Greenwood. They kept parents in the dark for months while their children continued to be exposed to TB and now dozens are sick. Grade: F-.

“In every major area, Nikki Haley and her administration is failing the people of this great state,” Harrison continued. “South Carolinians deserve better from their leaders and results on things they care about. When things go wrong, people deserve a governor who gets to work to make sure we change for the better instead of excuses. It’s time for new leadership and real accountability for South Carolina.”

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