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Manning: Ted Cruz Won



Common wisdom amongst those who live in the Beltway is that the fight to end Obamacare was not worth it, and those who stood up to the bullying of Obama and his cronies were political losers.

Senator Ted Cruz went home to Texas last weekend and made two separate stops to talk to the people at hastily arranged events.

Far from the images America saw in 2010 when Obamacare supporters desperately cancelled or limited attendance at events, Cruz stepped into the lion’s den of real public opinion in his home state of Texas and the result was not just standing ovations, but cheers that exceed a concert crowd demanding an encore from their favorite artist who has left his greatest hit unsung.

You can see the thirteen minute ovation yourself here.  It is worth it to confirm what many of us know in our hearts – when you stand up and fight for what is right the people appreciate it.

Critics would argue that these cheers came from tea party types and don’t reflect the people at large.  However, it is better for a leader to be loved by those who are informed, than to be barely tolerated by those who aren’t.  Informing the currently uninformed electorate is much easier when you are standing on principle.  In this case it is all the easier as the implementation of Obamacare has been a stunning disaster that the people are learning is going to hit them in the wallet with massive premium increases while costing many of them to lose their existing health care coverage.  That is exactly the position Cruz,  Senator Mike Lee and those who stood with them find themselves.

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Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is the Vice President of Public Policy and Communications for Americans for Limited Government.