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SC Supreme Had “Major Meltdown”



S.C. Supreme Court justice Donald Beatty – one of several liberals appointed to the high court by so-called “Republicans” in the S.C. General Assembly – had what sources are describing as a “major meltdown” at a recent solicitor’s conference.

That’s not all …

When Beatty was confronted about his erratic behavior at the conference by S.C. chief justice Jean Toal, he reportedly flipped out again.

“A lot of folks are wondering if Beatty is having personal or health issues,” one insider told FITS.

Beatty’s theatrics have drawn the attention of GOP lawmakers, who are openly discussing possible reprimands. We’re also told Beatty has “probably lost his shot at becoming chief justice” as a result of his outbursts.

Members of the S.C. Legislative Black Caucus are aggressively defending Beatty, and accusing GOP lawmakers of exaggerating the incidents as part of an effort to deny him his shot at the top spot on the court.

Stay tuned for more on this story as additional details become available …