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Small Town SC Justice



You just gotta love South Carolina … where it’s always been (and evidently will always be) about “who you know.”

The latest example? A traffic stop Saturday evening in Wagener, S.C. involving the son of town councilman George Smith – one that’s turned into yet another local government cover-up.

According to law enforcement sources in the town, Smith’s son was stopped traveling 70 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. (for those of you educated in one of the Palmetto State’s failing government-run schools, that’s more than twice the speed limit). After being pulled over, Smith’s son called his father and proceeded to tell the cop he had better talk to his dad before he did anything.

Correctly, the cop ignored the little brat.

Anyway, the officer – a new hire at the department – was in the process of administering a field sobriety test when the councilman himself arrived on the scene and proceeded to put his son into his personal car with his mother. At that point, Smith is said to have told the officer it would be “good for his job” if he just forgot about the whole thing.

Yeah … it gets better, though.

Fearing for his job, the police officer took video of the incident taken from his body camera to another councilman who is currently running for mayor of Wagener – which it turns out was a brilliant move. That’s because a cover-up of the incident was in full swing.

“George Smith lied and has changed his story several times,” a source familiar with the incident tells FITS. “Also the town gave the policeman a car with a defective dashboard camera, so when confronted the mayor said there was nothing on the camera – but he didn’t know about the body camera.”

A spokeswoman for the Wagener Police Department tells FITS the incident is “under investigation.” We have requested the incident report, dashboard camera video and body camera video from the traffic stop – but this information has yet to be provided to us.

In fact we were told we would have to submit “a form” to obtain this information – only to be informed moments later that the department was not able to provide us with a copy of this “form.”

Ah, South Carolina …

Anyway, we’ll let you know what we uncover …

UPDATE: The councilman’s son was reportedly under the influence of alcohol at the time he was pulled over. Here’s the latest on this story.

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