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About Extreme Couponing …



Every so often our founding editor’s wife – the talented and lovely Mrs. Sic Willie – forwards an article for our consideration. And of course we post what she sends us immediately with a click of the heels and an enthusiastic “Jawohl Frau Kommandant.”

Because Mrs. Sic is a Prussian warlord, people … not to be trifled with under any circumstances.

So … what did Mrs. Sic want us (and by extension you) to read today? An interesting post over on The Acton Institute’s Power Blog about extreme couponing. Written by Jordan J. Ballor, the article notes that Americans achieved an estimated $4 billion in savings by using coupons in 2011.

Ballor also explores the psychology of couponing – most notably its impact on the impulse to hoard.

“The extreme couponing phenomenon illustrates a hoarding mentality in many cases, where people stock up on things that they would never have any personal use for without any corresponding impulse to barter, trade, or share,” he writes. “Couponing can thus manifest or even exacerbate a particularly troubling kind of materialism.”

But it’s not all bad news …

Apparently some extreme couponers – like Joni Meyers-Crothers – channel their addiction into providing “materials to students, veterans, or other people in need, as well as to provide for their own families.”

Yeah … can’t wait to watch government to go after that form of private sector giving.

Anyway, we’ve only posted one direct coupon ad on FITS – an offer for a free fried pickle appetizer at Pawley’s Front Porch restaurant in downtown Columbia, S.C. – and have never really gotten into the whole craze.

Still, it is interesting to see how many people are couponing, how much they are saving and how their habit impacts their lives (and the lives of those around them).