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SCGOP Slams Vincent Sheheen On Abortion



South Carolina Republicans are slamming presumed Democratic gubernatorial nominee Vincent Sheheen for receiving the support of a prominent pro-abortion advocate in his 2014 campaign.

According to an SCGOP web video released this week, Sheheen supporter Robert Key is a member of the New Morning Foundation, a pro-abortion group which “advocates for access to abortion and against the ‘rights of fertilized eggs,’ ‘Personhood bills’ and ‘conscience and moral clauses.'”

“(Key)’s holding a kickoff rally for Vince Sheheen … who claims to be ‘personally’ against abortion,” the SCGOP spot states.

The spot – which was officially unveiled at a Spartanburg, S.C. press conference featuring party chairman Matt Moore – compares Sheheen’s “personal” opposition to abortion with similar positions adopted by former Democratic presidential candidates John Kerry and Al Gore – and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

This website is adamantly pro-life – although the last time we checked abortion was a federal issue. Also we’re not aware of any position taken by Sheheen’s rival – S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – which materially enhances the right to life of the unborn in South Carolina.

Anyway, here’s the spot …

(Click to play)

Democratic leaders said Republicans were twisting the facts to suit their narrative.

“It was a S.C. Democratic Party event not a Sheheen kickoff- so once again they’ve got their facts wrong,” SCDP spokeswoman Kristin Sosanie told FITS. “Senator Sheheen was one of many democratic officials invited to speak (at the event).”

Sosanie said the SCGOP hit “reeks of desperation.”

“They will do anything to try to distract voters from Nikki Haley’s record of economic failure that has saddled the state with falling incomes, high unemployment and no economic mobility,” Sosanie said.

We’re inclined to agree …

Until Haley takes some sort of definitive action in defense of the unborn (beyond just saying she’s pro-life), then her party’s criticism of Sheheen on this issue seems like misdirection to us.

UPDATE: Upping the ante, SCGOP chairman Matt Moore has just put out a press release calling on Sheheen to disassociate himself with Key.

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