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Democratic Senate Candidate Blasts White House



(Columbia, SC) – Jay Stamper, the Democrat seeking to replace Senator Lindsey Graham in 2014, today responded to Thursday’s Washington Post report that the NSA violates privacy rules and laws thousands of times every year.

Stamper made the following statement in response to the report:

Yesterday, the Washington Post contradicted claims made by President Obama and Senator Lindsey Graham that the NSA does not spy on Americans. We now have every reason to believe that the NSA regularly sweeps up communications of average U.S. citizens and saves the communications in searchable databases.

This violation of our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights should concern every American, regardless of their party affiliation.

Unfortunately, despite the public outcry, administration officials continue to mislead the American people without facing appropriate consequences.

In March, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied under oath to Congress when he denied that the NSA collects data on ‘millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.’ Clapper should have resigned immediately. I call on him to resign now.

The continuous stream of misleading information from the government makes it obvious that we cannot rely on the NSA to police itself. Congress must investigate NSA surveillance practices and take immediate action to significantly reform the agency.

(LINK to official release).

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