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PAC Release: Defeating Graham



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Dear Patriot,

We are going after Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. The information we’ve gleaned from researching him is incredible. When you look at his LOOOOOONG history in Washington you begin to realize that all the corruption we hate isn’t new, guys like Graham have been doing it for decades.

So the question is how do we defeat him and how do we ensure that the candidate we replace him with doesn’t lose to a Democrat in the general election.

With that in mind, we are going back to South Carolina and will give you an opportunity to meet the candidates who want to replace Graham.   I’ve got to say that there is already a strong pool of candidates announced in the race.

The good news is that election system in South Carolina plays in our favor. If none of the candidates running receive 50 percent of the vote, then the top two square off in a runoff. Our goal isn’t to keep Lindsey Graham under 50 percent, it’s to leave him out of the runoff and I think if we are capable of making that happen.

We aren’t going to endorse a “single” candidate opposing Graham, we’re going to endorse all serious challengers.  We’re going to ask each of the candidates that before receiving our financial support to generally agree to the following:

  • The candidates will go out of their way to find something nice to say about other candidates not named Lindsey Graham.
  • The candidates will agree to do a series of candidate forums to politely discuss policies that they’d like to champion if elected.
  • The candidates will agree to make a little time each week to answer reasonable questions in social media.
  • In the case that Lindsey Graham and another candidate get into a runoff they will actively support Lindsey Graham’s opponent.

If they’ll agree to hold to these terms, here is the support we can offer. We will make an initial financial contribution of $500 to the campaigns of Richard Cash, Nancy Mace, and Lee Bright.  We are going to hold a classic car show in Spartanburg around Labor Day and each of them will be invited to come speak for four minutes each.

We will offer a cash prize for the car show and provide live music, so we’re pretty confident we can get a crowd there.  This is an opportunity for each of these candidates to reach out to their potential constituents and convince them that they could do a better job than Lindsey Graham.

This will be our second trip to the state and we’re going to keep going back until we replace Lindsey Graham. If we’re going to defeat Lindsey Graham we are going to have to find creative ways to create relationships with voters. Graham basically has a blank check for his campaign.  He will be able to dominate the airways, blanket people with mailers, and hire the best staff money can buy.

We believe that there is no amount of money that can convince the good people of South Carolina that Lindsey Graham hasn’t played a leading role in the disastrous decisions our government has been making for more than decade.

While we concede that we can’t compete with Lindsey Graham in a bidding war for the airwaves, we can do many other things to connect with the people of South Carolina. The car show is just the beginning!

If we’re going to defeat Graham it’s going to happen because a lot of people around the country give us the resources we need to make a difference. I’m proud of our record of accomplishment and believe that our results speak for themselves.

If patriots around the country will continue to generously support our efforts we’ll continue to fight make this vision a reality and a year from now we can triumphantly proclaim that we tore down another old political machine.

-Western Representation PAC

(Editor’s Note: The above communication is a news release from a political action committee and does not necessarily reflect the editorial position of To submit your letter, news release, email blast, media advisory or issues statement for publication, click here).

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