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Woman: SC Comptroller “Infected Me”



A former lover of S.C. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom tells FITS the “Republican” statewide elected official infected her with a specific strain of molluscum contagiosum, a sexually transmitted disease that spreads from “skin to skin contact” and affects more than 120 million people globally each year.

The woman, granted anonymity to speak candidly, claims she first made this shocking revelation in a deposition related to Eckstrom’s 2011 divorce case – although the issue never became public because Eckstrom and his ex-wife, Peggy, agreed to a settlement.

According to the woman, Eckstrom infected her several years ago with MCV-2 – the sexually transmitted strain of the Molluscum virus. Molluscum lesions – which can be grey/white, yellow or pink – appear on affected areas anywhere between 1-6 weeks after infection. How long do they stay there? Up to four years in some cases – even with treatment.

Eckstrom did not respond to our request for comment regarding the woman’s claim. It’s also not immediately clear whether his alleged Molluscum infection (and transmission) is the “undisclosed” STD referenced in our recent piece about an outbreak of viral herpes at the S.C. State House.

Eckstrom’s amorous extracurriculars with his on-again, off-again toxic flame Kelly Payne have landed him in all sorts of hot water – and earned him the nickname “Comptroller Creepy.” Meanwhile his job performance (or lack thereof) is quickly earning him another reputation. In fact Eckstrom is nearly six months late in submitting the state’s annual financial report for the fiscal year which ended on July 1, 2012.

Before the ink was dry on his divorce, Payne and Eckstrom announced their first engagement last February – although less than two months later the wedding was off. Last November the nuptials were back on again, although earlier this spring Payne was trying to sell her engagement ring on Craigslist.

Crazy, huh? Of course it’s nothing new for these two toxic lovers …

After a high-profile split during the 2010 GOP primary season, Payne and Eckstrom got back together prior to the general election. Of course within weeks of reuniting they became embroiled in yet another public soap opera – this one ending with Payne filing a police report against Eckstrom. Despite all of this drama, Eckstrom was reelected Comptroller in November 2010 – and placed in command of the South Carolina State Guard the following spring.

The craziest thing about all of this?

He’ll probably breeze to reelection in 2014 …