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CSOL Honor Code Violation Goes Unpunished



“Students of (the) Charleston School of Law shall not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do.”

That’s the cookie cutter honor code at the Lowcountry law school we have mercilessly mocked (and with good reason) over the years. But is it worth the paper it’s printed on?

Not in the case of former Charleston School of Law (CSOL) student bar association president Shun Griffin – a liberal activist who is currently staring down  stalking charges in Richland County, S.C. On April 11, students at the school were notified via email that “the Honor Council disposed of one Honor Code violation through an Admission of Guilt, pursuant to the Honor Council Rules.”

According to multiple source familiar with the case, the subject of this violation was none other than Griffin – who was impeached back in February.

What happened?

“After Shun’s felony arrest, he hacked into a fellow student’s e-mail account and was sending school wide emails as that student,” one source familiar with the case tell FITS. “When this was discovered, he was investigated for a code of conduct violation. During this time, Shun did not come to school and was not permitted to be on campus.”

As he has done with the stalking charge, Griffin steadfastly denied the hacking allegations leveled against him. However upon learning that the honor charge would proceed to a trial, he confessed and was convicted by admission of guilt.

Despite this honor code conviction, Griffin continues to attend classes at CSOL. In fact he is scheduled to graduate this weekend with his classmates.


Why hasn’t Griffin been given the boot?

“The administration has been so scared of Shun because he has been a divisive and controversial ‘activist’ from day one on campus,” one source tells FITS.

Scared of him? Or cozy with him? Griffin reportedly takes tea once a week with CSOL dean Andy Abrams – one of his staunchest supporters.

Clearly that relationship has helped him evade responsibility for his actions …