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Kevin Bryant Blasts SC “RINOs”



One South Carolina State Senator is blasting his fiscally liberal “Republican” colleagues in a national news story previewing this weekend’s big speech to the S.C. Republican Party by U.S. Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

State Senator Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) – one of the handful of authentic fiscal conservatives in the S.C. General Assembly – had this to say in an interview with Real Clear Politics:

We have a pretty significant R.I.N.O. problem in South Carolina — folks that are elected go to constituents and talk about how conservative they are, and then when it’s time to vote, they hold hands with Democrats and vote for more government and tax increases. Maybe Sen. Paul and Sen. Cruz will rub off when they’re both down here. I hope so.

Amen to that, dude …

Bryant – who also runs one of the only worthwhile legislative blogs in America – deserves a lot of credit. Not only does he vote the right way, he’s not afraid to call out those who don’t (which is every bit as important).

Props to him …


Pic: Travis Bell Photography