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Mark Sanford Holds “Pelosi In The Park” Event



Charleston, SC – April 25, 2013 — Why is Nancy Pelosi running a campaign against Mark Sanford?

And why would we allow her to win given her belief Boeing should be shut down and given her beliefs are so contrary to those of people here along the coast of South Carolina?

Take a look for yourself:

Given she holds a stand that would shut down Boeing and has supported NLRB’s decision to do so, Sanford today called on Elizabeth Colbert Busch to return “every dime” of the money Pelosi spent on her behalf in the 1st Congressional District, from PAC’s and Pelosi-affiliated groups.

Colbert Busch has taken nearly $30,000 from unions, including $5,000 from the very same union that sought to shutter Boeing in South Carolina, while Nancy Pelosi and her allies in total have dedicated nearly $1 million toward boosting Colbert Busch’s Congressional bid.

With Elizabeth Colbert Busch refusing to participate in any televised debates, former Governor Mark Sanford continued to highlight his opponent’s ties to Nancy Pelosi, and how out of step Pelosi and other national Democrats’ views are with mainstream voters in the 1st Congressional District.

Governor Sanford showcased two clips today, one of Elizabeth Colbert Busch saying that she would be the unions’ “voice” in Congress. The second an interview with Nancy Pelosi saying that Boeing shouldn’t be allowed to operate in South Carolina if the union doesn’t agree to it.

“Nancy Pelosi believes she can buy another vote for her return to the Speakership, but I don’t believe at the end of it all that voters here are going to be swayed by her negative and misleading television ads,” Sanford said. “The fact is that whether it’s Obamacare, the stimulus, the debt ceiling or any number of other issues, my opponent and Nancy Pelosi’s views are completely at odds with what the people of the First District want. We have one more day left in our 15 in 5 tour, and I hope my opponent can carve time at least for one stop over the next 48 hours to discuss these issues face to face.”


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