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Curtis Bostic’s $222 Million Lie



Talk about tax dollars vanishing …

While “Republican” congressional candidate Curtis Bostic continues to tout his “conservative” ideology, his primary example of “unifying conservatives around conservative ideas” continues to unravel.

On his campaign website (and during a recent debate), Bostic boasted of his role in pushing a so-called private sector conservation initiative called the “Greenbelt Bank.” According to Bostic this “innovative” deal was funded exclusively with “private donations.”

“Curtis authored and then fought for the adoption of Charleston’s now widely popular Greenbelt Bank,” his webpage, states. “To date this innovative and highly successful program has garnered over $59 million dollars to facilitate the purchase of over 15,000 acres in parks and greenspace without using tax payer dollars.”

The problem? The Greenbelt Bank is using tax dollars … $222 million of them (as we reported exclusively last month).

Not only that, FITS has delved deeper into this program and discovered a whopping $70.4 million of that total is … wait for it … interest payments. That’s right. According to Charleston County administrators, that’s what Bostic’s brainchild is costing taxpayers in borrowing costs alone.

All for land the vast majority of them will never be permitted to see … let alone enjoy.

What a ridiculous plan. Assuming you think land conservation is a core function of government (we don’t) … why on earth would a government ever purchase property like this outright? Why not use conservation easements instead?

Mark our words: Charleston County taxpayers aren’t done paying for this boondoggle … not by a long shot.

Bostic faces scandal-scarred former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford in the GOP runoff election for the state’s first congressional district. The winner of that race will go up against former six-figure taxpayer bureaucrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, in a special election in May.

These three candidates are vying for the seat vacated earlier this year by Tim Scott, the Palmetto State’s newly appointed U.S. Senator.