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The Bi-Curious States Of America



In light of all the “up with gayness” going on the world these days, the website has released a (rainbow) color-coded map of the nation … one shaded according to citizens’ alleged proclivity for same sex action.

OK Cupid performed a data analysis on (its) 4,000,000 users to determine their sexual preferences. Not surprisingly, the map reveals lots of bi-curiousness in the Western United States (Brokeback Mountain, anyone?) as well as in the Northeast – not so much in the South.

In fact next to Mississippi and Alabama, the maps reveals South Carolina to be the third-least bi-curious state in the nation. Of course Mississippi and Alabama didn’t get a picture of their former U.S. Senator included in the write-up accompanying the map (hint: it’s not Lindsey Graham, amazingly).

Anyway, take a look …

(Click to enlarge)

gay curious

Wow … and yes, we’re totally kicking ourselves for not opening a high-end leather ass-less chaps store in downtown Portland. Or anywhere in Canada, apparently.

And while our founding editor (in his single days) was down for pretty much anything, for the record he never “went there …” nor would he.

Well, unless it was the lead singer from Creed …

He’s definitely a “maybe.”

Anyway, in the event you care what we think about whole gay marriage debate here’s a recent recantation of our views. As for homosexuality itself, we don’t really care what people do in the privacy of their own homes … although we reserve the right to “out” hypocrites.


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