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SC Immigration Enforcement Has Begun



For those of you who are new to the debate over immigration reform in South Carolina, the Palmetto State passed the nation’s “toughest law” in 2008. Then it passed the nation’s “toughest law” again in 2011.

Of course neither law deports anyone, nor does either law stop illegal immigrants from entering the state. Part of the brutal truth of the immigration debate at any level.

What does it do? That’s easy: It adds new “enforcement costs” for South Carolina taxpayers to pick up and assesses new fines and fees for South Carolina businesses. Not only that repeat “offenders” will lose their business licenses.

So in other words, as part of a totally futile effort to get rid of illegal immigrants our state has done nothing but grow government and expand its regulatory burden.

Exactly … which is what we said two years ago.

Anyway, this week the S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (SCLLR) reported that 323 Palmetto State businesses (out of 4,300 randomly surveyed) were not complying with the state’s new law. Of course what was really frightening wasn’t the 323 businesses that failed to comply with our state’s ridiculous law, it was the 1,700 that didn’t hire new workers in 2012.

Yikes …

“Immigration reform” in South Carolina is a joke. When you cut through the rhetoric, it’s yet another excuse for state government to shake down the private sector for cash … a shakedown subsidized by taxpayers. It’s also yet another reason for people to take as much of their business as possible off-line … away from the long arm of the state.