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Chip Limehouse: Vulnerable



S.C. Rep. Chip Limehouse (RINO-Charleston) was by far and a way the “Biggest Loser” in the South Carolina first congressional district race this week.

And we’re obviously talking votes … not body mass.

Limehouse shelled out more than $600,000 of his own money on the race – all to finish with just 3,269 votes. Do the math. Like Limehouse’s cholesterol, the number isn’t going to be pretty.

Yeah … ouch.

Even worse for the corpulent Charlestonian, he received only 541 votes (finishing second) in his S.C. House District – where he is said to be facing a credible 2014 challenger.

Double ouch …

This website has consistently bashed Limehouse for his fiscally liberal ways … and his general shadiness. He’s a top lieutenant of corrupt S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell – and has earned a reputation for initiating and covering up all sorts of corruption. And while the rotund RINO was busy running for the U.S. House over the last three month and barely bothered to show up for his job at the S.C. State House – he handed his proxy to a fellow fiscal liberal, S.C. Rep. B.R. Skelton (RINO-Pickens).

Gotta keep the gravy train flowing, right?

This week Limehouse was back in Columbia, S.C. – reportedly perusing the feminine hygiene section of a Whole Foods grocery story (true story).

“He was buying skin lotion,” our source said.

Hmmmm …

The sooner Lowcountry voters can retire this big government blowhard, the better. And judging by the verdict they rendered in this week’s special GOP primary for the U.S. House, they may be inclined to do just that.