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About That Crazy Mark Sanford Story



The political internets were ablaze this week with the news that former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford had the gall to ask his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford, to run his 2013 political comeback bid.

You know … the same woman he cheated on and publicly humiliated four years ago.

Anyway the news was “broken” in a lengthy New York Magazine story on Sanford (one which quoted and drew heavily on anecdotes and other information provided by FITS’ founding editor Will Folks). Before long, the sensational story was picked up all over the place – including The Huffington Post, The Politico, The Washington Post and elsewhere.

Breaking news, right?

Eh … not if you read FITS.

From our post more than two months ago …

“Mark asked to see Jenny to talk about Christmas arrangements involving the boys,” a source close to the former S.C. First Lady tells FITS. “Jenny told Mark they could talk by phone but he was adamant that they speak in person. She declined. He persisted. She eventually gave in.”

When Sanford came by his ex-wife’s house for their conversation about holiday visitation, we’re told it quickly turned into a discussion about his desire to run for his old seat. Needless to say, Jenny was not keen on the notion.

“She asked him not to (run), not to put her and the kids through that,” our source says.

Sanford’s response?

 Not only did he insist on jumping into the race, he actually asked her to reprise her role as his campaign manager (Jenny Sanford ran each one of her husband’s successful congressional and gubernatorial campaigns from 1994-2006).

Yeah …

“She was floored by the request,” our source says. “Her jaw hit the floor.  It was salt in the wound after she begged him not to jump in.  A total slap in the face to her.”

Obviously Jenny declined her ex-husband’s offer.

So yeah … what we said. Two months ago.