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Jeff Duncan, Mick Mulvaney Endorse Larry Grooms



Charleston, SC – Today, the Grooms for Congress campaign received two coveted conservative endorsements when South Carolina’s 3rd District Congressman Jeff Duncan and South Carolina’s 5th District Congressman announced their endorsement of Larry Grooms for Congress.

South Carolina’s Congressman from the 3rd District Jeff Duncan said:

“South Carolina’s Congressional Delegation is known across the country and in Washington for being a united voice for conservatism. In fact, we’ve earned a reputation of working together, standing on principle and protecting South Carolina values. It’s important to ensure that the person who replaces Tim Scott be a reliable conservative, a proven fighter and a leader who will join our mission to cut wasteful Washington spending.

I’m convinced the best person for the job is Larry Grooms.

While there are several good candidates in the 1st Congressional race, Larry Grooms has the record, values, and conviction best suited to represent the Lowcountry in Congress.I’ve known Larry for years and worked with him in Columbia at the Statehouse. Together, we fought for conservative reforms and I know Larry both as a man of faith and as a conservative leader. Like myself, Larry comes from a small business background, and knows what its like to sign the front of a check, write a budget and limit wasteful spending to keep that budget balanced.

Larry is also a strong defender of the 2nd amendment. His “Firearms Liberty Act” recognizes the uniquely American right to bear arms even as our President and many in congress try to limit that right.If South Carolina sends Larry Grooms to Washington, we’d have an ally we could depend on to fight President Obama’s agenda, and help us restore the American dream to all South Carolinians. Larry will be ready on day one to pick up where Tim Scott left off and be key member of our team.

During my short time in Washington, I’ve learned that when it comes to electing your representative, it’s not enough to simply have an “R” by your name. We need someone we can count on to hold the Republican Party accountable to conservative principles and follow our Founding Fathers’ example. I’m convinced Larry Grooms is the best person for this job. I hope you’ll join me, Congressman Mulvaney, and conservatives all across the 1st District in supporting Larry Grooms for Congress.”

South Carolina’s Congressman from the 5th district Mick Mulvaney said:

“When I heard that Tim Scott’s congressional seat had opened up, I was excited for Tim, South Carolina and the US Senate. But Tim’s open Congressional seat left me with some serious questions. Who would fill Tim’s conservative shoes in the 1st District and pick up where Tim left off? When Larry Grooms announced for Congress – those questions were answered with a strong credentialed conservative. I know Larry well and I’ve worked with him on several issues when we served together in the state senate. Larry’s brand of conservatism, leadership and strength will serve South Carolina and the 1st District well in Congress.”

“Conservatives like Jeff and I need Larry to stand with us on the most important issues facing our country today. When it comes to reducing taxes, cutting wasteful Washington spending and protecting our liberties, I believe Larry Grooms is the right man for the job. Larry has been in the trenches, and he has proven his conservative credentials in the state senate. We want Larry on our team. While there are many good candidates in the field – Larry’s record is one we know and trust. He will go to Washington and protect South Carolina from day one.”

Congressional candidate and State Senator Larry Grooms said:

“I’m truly honored and greatly humbled by Jeff and Mick’s endorsement. It means so much, especially in a crowded primary, for sitting Congressmen to come forward and support our campaign. Jeff and Mick realize Washington is spends too much money and they fight every day to cut spending, lower taxes and defend our liberties. And when I’m elected to Congress, Jeff, Mick and I will join together and present a united conservative voice to cut wasteful Washington spending and protect South Carolina values. This is a great day for our campaign – and I’m blessed to receive Jeff and Mick’s support.”