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SC-1: Ruh-Roh, Ray Nash



Former Dorchester County, S.C. Sheriff Ray Nash says he’s a “conservative.” No surprise there, right? He’s a “Republican” running for Congress in South Carolina, making self-identification as a “conservative” practically an involuntary response. Nash also lists “rampant fiscal irresponsibility” as one of the major problems with the federal government.

Heard that before? Of course …

But does this former Sheriff – who recently finished a three-year stint as a criminal justice advisor at the U.S Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan – have a record to match his rhetoric?

No … at least not according to a 2009 report issued in the wake of his twelve-year tenure as Dorchester’s Sheriff. According to the report’s findings, Nash’s office was replete with waste and mismanagement.

Among the low-lights?

  • 7,000 unissued arrest warrants
  • Failure to update sex offender registry
  • Improper storage of explosives
  • Uninstalled information technology upgrades
  • Failure to supervise patrol shifts
  • $1,000 spent on monthly gym memberships
  • $3,000 in detention center funds spend on Nash’s retirement party
  • $4,500 spent to replace firearms given to officers as “parting gifts”

Hmmmmm …

Nash was questioned about the report by The Summerville Journal-Scene but refused to discuss its findings. As far as we know he still hasn’t addressed them.

And while candidate Nash called for an audit of every agency of the federal government at a recent debate, Sheriff Nash “tried everything in his power … not to allow an audit on his own department.”

In fact he branded the effort as “nothing more than a thinly veiled, politically motivated witch hunt that is inappropriately funded at taxpayer expense.”

Again, hmmmmm …

So, will this report impact Nash’s candidacy for the first congressional district seat vacated earlier this year by newly appointed U.S. Sen. Tim Scott?

Don’t look now, but we think it just did …