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the wire january 18


Welcome to the wire!

Today’s big South Carolina news will be the release of the latest unemployment numbers from the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce – the agency’s final report from the 2012 calendar year. This will be the last jobs report for some time, too, as unemployment data from January and February of this year won’t be released until late March.

The Palmetto State’s jobless rate has been dropping in recent months (which is good news), but a big chunk of those jobs are taxpayer-funded positions (which is bad news). We’ll be sure to let you know what today’s numbers look like …

In fact, here they are …

Also in South Carolina, filing opens today for the first congressional seat vacated earlier this month by newly appointed U.S. Senator Tim Scott. As many as a dozen candidates are expected to run in the Republican primary for this seat – which is scheduled for March 19.

Nationally, the battle over our Second Amendment rights continues to dominate the press (and our wire) – with growing numbers of federal, state and local officials announcing their intention to ignore, nullify or otherwise refuse to enforce any onerous anti-gun laws promulgated in Washington, D.C.

Good for them …

Internationally, one American remains missing in Algeria after local military forces raided a gas plant that was seized by al-Qaeda terrorists earlier this week. Two Americans escaped the plant unharmed during the raid.

In sports, the controversies surrounding Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o controversies continue to make headlines, while Gamecock running back Marcus Lattimore’s new ‘do is getting rave reviews.

To the wire!


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No coverage from FITS on the entrance of Charleston school board member Elizabeth Moffly into the race for the SC first district?

FITS: A new candidate jumps into this race every five minutes, which is another way of saying announcements like these from second tier candidates are becoming decreasingly newsworthy.



This website criticized Mick Mulvaney this week for his attempt to make Congress pay for its Sandy relief boondoggle. Thought you might like to see what a real conservative website thought of Mulvaney’s courageous actions.

The Hurricane Disaster Relief Bill Disaster (Americans for Limited Government)

FITS: Whoa, whoa, whoa … go back and read the article we wrote. We didn’t criticize his efforts, we criticized him for referring to disaster relief (beyond law enforcement and private property protection, anyway) as a core function of government. You are misstating our position on Rep. Mulvaney’s amendment – which we supported.



Thanks for keeping us informed about highway funding corruption but I’m surprised you haven’t reported on the “Myrtle Beach Mafia” money taken by Rep. Mike Forrester. He lives in Spartanburg but supports highway money for the coast. Now we know why.

FITS: Wow … we’ve found several thousand dollars he’s taken from coastal interests already. Nice find!




School choice will disproportionately benefit black and poor white South Carolinians. If black South Carolinians vocally support school choice, the incumbent members of the General Assembly will rush to support it as a way to enhance their reelection.

The public school establishment is expert at manufacturing irrational dishonest reasons to oppose school choice.

One of your recent bloggers claimed school choice would promote “… corporate interest groups’ versions of revisionist history and other forms of ideologically (or religiously based) ignorance.” Many  South Carolinians probably believe that way – and perhaps it is accurately describing some schools and colleges, private and public. Even if it is an accurate description, it’s not a valid reason to oppose school choice. The essence of school choice is that many new private schools will spawn, some good, some bad, some in between. Some will be black Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and atheistic. Some will generalize, some will emphasize athletics, music, art, mathematics, other academics, etc. Every parent will be free to choose which to use.

If there are parents who want a private school emphasizing revisionist history and/or screwball ideology, so bet it. A private school or store that fails to attract clients will surely disappear from the market.

Edward D. Sloan, Jr.

FITS: Thanks, Ned. And thanks for all your hard work over the last few decades on behalf of the people of this state. As to your letter, we agree 100 percent.




(via Twitter) I’m sure @ToddKincannon & @fitsnews loved the shout out to Ol’ Strom on #1600Penn ….NOT!!!

-Trey Harrell 

FITS: We sure liked Jenna Elfman in turqoise. And red. A lot …



You need to read this article on Polistew. Lady basically calls you a right wing nut job. Thought you should know.

Op-Ed: Why You Should Support Obama’s Gun Control Plan (Polistew)

SIC: Thanks … I am a right wing nut job, but that doesn’t mean the quote I gave is inaccurate. Higher levels of gun ownership result in lower levels of violence. It’s just a fact.



Rand Paul is going to introduce congressional legislation nullifying all of Barack Obama’s gun control executive orders.

What sayest thou, Sic?

FITS: We’re already on the record advocating civil disobedience of all gun control laws, so …



Just curious if you have seen the roughly 30 minute video (youtube) about the “conspiracy theory” with the Sandy Hook incident. I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy, but always find these interesting to watch… only one or two pieces of this really made me think, but wanted to share to get your thoughts.

Keep up the good work!!

FITS: Thanks … still unsure what to make of this video. There are certainly plenty of unanswered questions related to this tragedy, that much is certain …



Scary analysis. Labor participation is the overlooked statistic for all those claiming the economy has turned the corner. It hasn’t!

Obama’s Dismal Record on Jobs (Cato)

FITS: Yup. And South Carolina’s labor participation rate is much worse than the national rate.



How fitting …

Potty Crisis Could Gum Up Inaugural (Washington Examiner)

FITS: Ha! Nice find …



The White House has officially rejected the Death Star petition.

This Isn’t The Petition Response You’re Looking For (White House)

FITS: The funniest part of that response is when the author claims the White House is “trying to reduce the deficit.” HA!



What have you heard about the proposal of “Birch County?: ( Ballentine, Irmo, Chapin) Who did the proposal come from, who is backing it? An idea has to start somewhere, but no names have been mentioned.

FITS: I’m told this quest to create South Carolina’s 47th county is being pushed by a group of folks fed up with the Richland and Lexington sales tax increases … and we don’t blame them.



7 of the 13 members of Clemson’s Board of Trustees are “life” members who can determine whatever length of time they want to serve. However, they sign a “life trustee oath” swearing to protect and defend the constitution of the State of South Carolina, which specifically forbids any appointment for life. I feel that this is a bad example by Clemson’s governing body and that it should be corrected. How do you feel?

I put this on Facebook this morning.

Will … you probably think that I’m flogging a dead horse … because nobody besides me seems to give a hoot. But I’m sorry, I still think this is a very important matter. If the majority of Clemson’s trustees can publicly swear to protect the constitution and then flagrantly violate it, why shouldn’t all of the officers of the State of South Carolina feel free to do the same thing? Of course, in all probability, many of them do….

Best regards,

John Bednar

FITS: We care, John. As we’ve noted previously this arrangement is flagrantly unconstitutional … which is why we try to mention this in every article we write about Clemson. It’s one of the many reasons we believe all colleges and universities in South Carolina should be freed up to pursue their destiny as private institutions.



I live in Wagener S.C. and our power was cut for three hours last night to divert energy to the Bridgestone plant. What gives?

FITS: Good question … we’ll ask. Just as soon as we find Wagener on a map.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To Jennifer Wilson, smokin’ hot wife of S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson.

jennifer wilson



“Just like Quiet Riot did …”


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