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U.S. Rep. Tim Scott’s ascension to the United States Senate will set off a vicious battle for the first congressional district seat he’s vacating.  In fact we began previewing the advance jockeying for this Lowcountry, South Carolina district over a week ago when Scott emerged as the early favorite to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Jim DeMint.

Our initial list of likely candidates included fiscal conservative S.C. Senator Larry Grooms (R-Berekely) and a pair of “Republican in Name Only” State Representatives – Chip Limehouse (RINO-Charleston) and Jimmy Merrill (RINO-Daniel Island).  Since that post was published, several other names have been mentioned – including former S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford (who was also on Nikki Haley’s short list for the DeMint appointment) and Scott’s Washington, D.C. chief of staff Joe McKeown.

Charleston County Councilman Elliott Summey – who recently switched parties – is reportedly contemplating a bid for this seat, as is South Carolina’s resident “fortunate son” Carroll A. “Tumpy” Campbell III.

Others may also test the waters …

For example from the S.C. Senate there’s social conservative Chip Campsen of Charleston, while S.C. Reps. Peter McCoy of Charleston and Andy Patrick of Beaufort are also said to be considering bids.

Which of these potential candidates would be the favorite to replace Scott?  And more importantly, which of them would do the best job fighting for individual freedom and pro-free market policy in Washington?  Those are good questions … and we’ll seek to answer them as this field becomes more solidified over the coming days.