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“Appoint Tim Scott” Website: Excessive Self-Promotion?




A website promoting the U.S. Senate candidacy of Congressman Tim Scott is raising eyebrows in Washington, D.C. – and here in the Palmetto State.  The website – – is registered privately.  It was also blasted out to thousands of South Carolina (and national) politicos earlier this week from an anonymous email, [email protected].

“Congressman Tim Scott is a staunch conservative that will continue Senator Jim DeMint’s efforts to further our cause,” the email states.

Scott is currently the odds-on favorite to be selected by S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley  as DeMint’s replacement.  However some are speculating that Haley will nominate a “caretaker” to the position – someone who will agree to hold the seat for two years until South Carolina voters select someone to fill the remainder of DeMint’s term.

So who’s behind the “Appoint Scott” website? Several South Carolina political consultants pointed the finger at Walter Whetsell, one of Scott’s consultants.

“Absolutely not,” Whetsell told FITS.

Whetsell acknowledged that his firm is “part of (Scott’s) team,” but said that he had no idea who was behind the site.

Whoever created it, the site has some activists decrying the extent to which Scott may be tooting his own horn – and seeking to influence Haley’s decision.

“Unseemly,” one conservative activist in Washington told FITS.  “Very unbecoming of a man who wants to be a United States Senator.”

While Scott’s elevation to this Senate seat (after only one term in the S.C. House and one term in the U.S. House) is seen by many as a foregone conclusion, the truth is that he and Haley are not particularly close.  In fact Scott is a staunch ally of liberal S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell – a longtime Haley antagonist.

Nonetheless, sources tell FITS that Haley consultant Jon Lerner is aggressively pushing the governor to appoint Scott to the position – arguing that it is in the embattled executive’s best political interests.