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Suspension Urged For Stephen Goldfinch



Pressure is building on “Republican” S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell to suspend embattled State Rep. Stephen Goldfinch, a fellow “Republican” from Georgetown, S.C. who has been accused of misrepresenting criminal charges filed against him.

By law (S.C. Code Section 8-13-560), South Carolina legislators charged with felony offenses are required to be suspended from office – and documents associated indicate the charge filed against Goldfinch in relation to an illegal stem cell operation is a felony.

Take a look …

Goldfinch’s involvement in the stem cell scam was first exposed by FITS.  Months later he announced to the media that he was pleading guilty to a misdemeanor related to the scandal.  However, documents obtained by FITS reflect no such plea having ever been entered.

Did Goldfinch misrepresent the seriousness of (and the potential jail sentence associated with) his crime?  And did he lead his colleagues to believe the matter had been resolved?

Two other lawmakers – former S.C. Rep. Thad Viers (a Republican) and Harold Mitchell (a Democrat) – have been suspended in recent years as a result of federal indictments.  Democrats want the same standard applied to Goldfinch.

“Bobby Harrell is going to need Democratic votes to hold onto his Speaker’s position,” one prominent Palmetto Democrat bluntly told FITS.

Goldfinch is battling former S.C. Rep. Vida Miller for his seat in the State House.  Polling shows a tight race – until respondents are informed about Goldfinch’s legal problems and a recent vote to give himself a taxpayer-funded pay raise.