SC School Violence Getting Out Of Hand

Race-based hate is exploding in South Carolina’s government-run schools …

A lawsuit filed against a Midlands, South Carolina school district has exposed a systemic problem in the Palmetto State – escalating race-based discipline issues within the state’s worst-in-the-nation government-run schools.

Not content with failing generations of students, it appears our state-subsidized system now wants to put them in harm’s way on a daily basis, too …

All while raising the price of the “education” they are ostensibly providing …

The lawsuit – filed last month against Richland County School District 1 by the parents of former Hand Middle School student India Young – alleges that Young “faced continuous and escalating race-based verbal and physical harassment from her peers.”

Young is black … but the race-based threats and violence she endured didn’t come from white students.  They came from other blacks.

“Hand Middle School students called India racial slurs like ‘Oreo,’ ‘white girl,’ ‘wannabe white girl,’ and ‘black white bitch,’ and generally maligned her for “acting white,” the complaint (.pdf) alleged.

The ethnicity of Young’s assailants was curiously omitted from news coverage of the lawsuit filed earlier this week by local television station WIS TV-10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C.).

The station’s report merely notes that “India, who is black, was allegedly called racial slurs and physically assaulted by other students.”

Unreal …

Young’s parents – one of whom is an active duty soldier – pulled her out of the school in May.

“This poor black girl couldn’t go to school because of the beatings she had to endure from fellow students,” a source familiar with the case told us.  “Apparently they were black gang members who were mad because she got good grades – although their race is secondary to the issue of school violence and bullying.  This is going on across the whole state.”

That’s true …

At a downtown Columbia, S.C. charter school, a black middle school student allegedly bullied one of their white peers this week – stealing the white student’s lunch and then informing them that if they had a problem with it to “suck (their) dick.”

The black student then allegedly told the white student that the latter’s race “are the new niggers.”

Wow …

This is further evidence of the need for expanded parental choice – which would take a portion of the massive pot of money taxpayers are pouring into failed government-run schools and let parents find academic environments that are more suited to their children’s individual needs.

Preferably environments where future gang-bangers aren’t beating them because they’re white … or in the case of poor India Young, insufficiently black.

“The unfortunate events described in the complaint should not occur at Hand Middle or any other school in the state,” said Christopher Bryant, an attorney representing the Young family.  “All children should have an opportunity to learn in a safe, supportive environment.  We attempted to resolve this situation without filing a lawsuit before the school year began, but we were unable to open a line of dialogue with the school district.  Now that a lawsuit has been filed, we look forward to working with Richland One to quickly and meaningfully address the issues in the complaint. Until we hear from the school district, there’s not much more that I can add.”



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