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New National Security Advisor Pick Unpopular With Military Families




U.S. president Donald Trump offered the position of national security advisor to retired vice admiral Robert Harward earlier this week.

Last we heard, Harward was making Trump wait … more than 72 hours later.  

That’s beyond disrespectful … and Trump should tell Harward “thanks, but no thanks” as far as we’re concerned.  And not just for making him wait.

Harward is hugely popular with Democrats and #NeverTrumpers because he’s apparently planning on getting rid of all Trump’s intelligence personnel (assuming he winds up taking the job).  In fact, we’re guessing this was the whole point of the Dark State’s successful effort to oust Trump’s initial choice for this position.

Gotta keep the war machine rolling, right?

Who is Harward unpopular with?  The families of American soldiers who died prosecuting all of Washington D.C.’s multi-trillion dollar neoconservative warmongering.

According to a stunning excerpt from the book Betrayed – which tells the story of a deadly 2011 mission in the Wardak Province of Afghanistan – Harward essentially told grieving family members that their loved ones died because Muslims would have been offended by a drone strike in the region.

Betrayed is written by Billy Vaughn, whose son Aaron Carson Vaughn (a Navy seal), died during the August 2011 incident.  The younger Vaughn was part of a “quick reaction force” of special operations troops who were deployed as reinforcements for a group of Army Rangers engaged in battle with Taliban fighters.

The Chinook helicopter in which Vaughn’s force was traveling was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade.  All thirty-eight people on board lost their lives in the ensuing crash.

Here’s the damning excerpt from the book …

One of the fathers asked why a drone strike wasn’t used to take out the target that night rather than sending thirty Americans into battle to capture one man. Three-Star Admiral Robert Harward turned to the families, placed his hand on my wife’s knee, and explained that a drone strike wasn’t used because “we need to win their hearts and minds.” Apparently drone strikes now damage our efforts to do so? I had to process that one, since our military routinely uses drones to deter collateral damage. What were these Rules of Engagement? I began grasping the true, dirty nature of what I was hearing. Admiral Harward, and others who believed as he did, was in the process of attempting to emasculate warriors whose desire was set on defeating a savage enemy.

Wow …

It gets worse.  Here’s an excerpt from the book’s promotional jacket describing how Harward’s state effort to “win hearts and minds” included allowing a Muslim cleric to denigrate the sacrifice of these dead U.S. servicemen …

Adding insult to injury, Billy learned that a Muslim Imam was invited by our own US military leaders to “pray” over his son’s dead body. As US war heroes lay in their caskets before their last flight home, the Imam damned America’s fallen warriors as “infidels” who would burn in hell. As US military leaders observed the ceremony at Bagram Air Base, the Imam boasted over the deaths of US heroes with words such as, “The companions of heaven [Muslims] are the winners.”

Unreal …

We’re not sure if Trump or his advisors have read this book or heard of this story, but this is clearly not a man who should be placed in such a prominent national security position.

Dozens of American soldiers needlessly perished because leaders like him were more concerned with winning a public relations battle in a part of the world where we shouldn’t be in the first place.

UPDATE: Looks like Harward has turned down Trump’s appointment.  Good.  Trump should be grateful he passed on the offer.

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