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“Republican” Leader Calls On SC Senate President To Resign




|| By FITSNEWS || South Carolina’s “Republican” leader in the S.C. Senate called on the chamber’s president to step down from his leadership role – arguing he was spreading himself too thin by simultaneously occupying two key positions within the body.

Harvey Peeler – the Senate’s “majority” leader – called on liberal “Republican” Hugh Leatherman to resign as president of the chamber, claiming his dual role as president and chairman of the chamber’s budget-writing finance committee had resulted in a leadership vacuum and “dysfunction” within the Senate.

Leatherman, a former Democrat from Florence, S.C., was elected president of the State Senate last summer – with only two lawmakers (S.C. Senators Tom Davis and Shane Massey) voting against him.

At the time of his ascension to the post (accomplished via this shady deal), the 83-year-old was already arguably the most powerful elected official in the state.

Absolute power hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be, though.  In addition to his ongoing health issues, Leatherman’s heavy-handed tactics (including an effort to take control over the chamber’s calendar) have rubbed many of his old liberal “Republican” allies the wrong way.

As a result, Leatherman was unable to rely on his governing coalition of Democrats and liberal “Republicans” this session – paving the way for fiscal conservatives like Davis to successfully filibuster his fiscally reckless proposals.

Frankly, we see such dysfunction as a good thing … especially if it prevents the perpetuation of bad policy.

Unfortunately, it also stops good policy … assuming the S.C. General Assembly ever produces any.  Last time we checked, though, the chamber was having tremendous difficulty finding its own hindquarters with both hands.