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Thomas Ravenel On Will Folks: Take Two




|| By FITSNEWS || Just yesterday, this website posted an item in which former S.C. Treasurer, current reality television star and failed U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel blamed his ignominious 2014 defeat on the founding editor of this website.

“In looking back at my last race, the biggest mistake I made was hiring Will Folks,” Ravenel wrote on his Facebook page. “Several people warned me that he was an extortionist and one person told (me) that after he left me he was on my opponent’s payroll to destroy my campaign (I have no proof of this but it rings true) and even enlisted the help of my ex girlfriend Kathryn Dennis.  With friends like these who needs enemies.  One gal sent me an a FB message claiming that she had to get two restraining orders against this creep.  I should have listened to my friends.  Live and learn.  Die and forget it all.”

Nice, huh?  Of course Ravenel’s campaign never hired Folks, although it did purchase (and then yank) advertisements on FITSNews.

Anyway, Folks – as is his custom – responded with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, referring to Ravenel’s botched candidacy as their “shared love child.”

Anyway, “upon further review” Ravenel has reconsidered his initial barb and offered some follow-up thoughts.  This time he expresses admiration for Folks – saying “love him or hate him, he’s got that stuff I want.”  Ravenel even compares “Sic Willie” to Ronald Reagan.

No really …

Take a look …

I tried to take a shot a Will Folks yesterday and oddly enough I was damn impressed at his response which was not mean at all. and realized why I wanted his help in the first place despite the naysayers. As I read his story I came away with three possible conclusions:

1) I missed some of his hot buttons

2). He was just trying to get hits for his website, or

3). The guy has developed a level of self confidence and self validation that nothing I say or for that matter anything anyone else says gets under his skin.

For his sake, I hope it’s number three which is a place I’d like to be but to be honest it’s going to take a lot of work.

Or, perhaps it’s a combination of 2 and 3 which is fine too; the man’s got to make a living. Also, I doubt I’ll throw arrows his way again. What’s the point?

Love him or hate him, he’s got that stuff I want. Reagan had it. Teflon. But, I’ve got to work for it. Having a child has made me want to work not on fixing the government but on myself first.

Sometimes wisdom comes to you from the most unlikeliest places, even from erstwhile enemies.

Hmmmm …

The critique of our founding editor aside, that’s a remarkably logical, self-aware statement, isn’t it?

We think so …

The only problem?  It’s invariably only a matter of time before the logical, self-aware Ravenel gives way to … someone completely different.  So we await the next swing of the pendulum … along with the season premiere of the second season of Ravenel’s reality show, Southern Charm.