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Nikki Haley Backs Scandal-Scarred Legislator




By FITSNEWS || S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley took a trip to Georgetown, S.C. this week to endorse Stephen Goldfinch – the ethically challenged incumbent “Republican” in S.C. House District 108 who can’t seem to tell the truth about all the trouble he’s in.

Goldfinch is a terrible lawmaker … a fiscal liberal who votes the wrong way on fiscal issues (including a pay raise for himself) and who clearly cannot be trusted to own up to his corruption.

Which is why it’s not surprising a fiscally liberal, ethically challenged governor has his back …

“I’m here for one person today, Stephen Goldfinch,” Haley told a Georgetown crowd this week.

Haley added that she respected Goldfinch’s opponent, former S.C. Rep. Vida Miller, but that “this is not about respect. This is about the fact I need fighters in Columbia. Stephen Goldfinch is a fighter.”


Who has this guy been fighting for other than himself?

Ordinarily we’d say Haley embracing a lawmaker with such obvious ethical flaws would be potentially damaging for the governor … but at this point it seems clear to us South Carolinians either don’t care that their governor is a crook or aren’t paying attention.

Maybe voters in Georgetown are smarter than that … who knows.