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Nikki Haley Versus Gun Rights Supporters




S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley loves shooting guns … and won’t ever pass up a media opportunity to highlight her affinity for firearms.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your right to keep and bear arms – Haley isn’t quite so accommodating.  In fact last year her own law enforcement agency habitually violated state law by failing to renew concealed weapons permits (CWPs) for Palmetto State gun owners.

Really … it’s true.  And as a direct result of her administration’s negligence and incompetence, thousands of law-abiding South Carolina gun owners saw their Second Amendment rights denied.

Now Haley is once again enraging gun rights advocates … this time over her support for a controversial “ethics reform” bill.

As we noted in this post, the “ethics reform” being championed by Haley is a step in the wrong direction on multiple fronts – most notably the giant muzzle it would place over those who dare to criticize big government.

Don’t take our word for it … here’s an independent analysis of the legislation, which Haley supported before her office had even bothered to read the bill.

Earlier this week FITS exclusively reported on efforts by the National Association for Gun Rights to defeat this bill – efforts which have since been confirmed by the group’s leader.

“Yes, the National Association for Gun Rights is involved in fighting against H 3954, the so-called ethics reform bill,” said Nathan Barnes, a senior field operative for the organization.  “We have sent multiple emails to our members in the state, passed out flyers in opposition to the bill, and are calling our members and connecting them directly to their senator’s offices to voice their opposition to the bill. We have also put calls through to Governor Haley’s office.”

Haley has had enough of those calls, though … and has decided to get a jump-start on the censorship envisioned by her so-called “ethics reform” legislation.

According to an email from the organization’s media office, “Governor Nikki Haley is now making veiled threats against the National Association for Gun Rights.”

“After hundreds of members responded to our email yesterday, urging Governor Nikki Haley to put an end to H3954, the ‘Anti-Free Speech’ Bill, Governor Haley instructed the State Ethics Commission to have a ‘friendly chat’ encouraging us to back off,” the email continues.

Wait … what?  Haley is trying to use a state agency to censor gun rights advocates?

Hear that Second Amendment supporters? Not only does Nikki Haley’s administration want to keep you from receiving your concealed weapons permits (CWPs) in a timely fashion, she’s now threatening to silence your voice of protest against a bill that would … wait for it … limit your free speech.

And this coming from a “pro-gun conservative?” In the “most Republican state in America?”

Wow …

“It’s outrageous that Governor Haley would try to use the State Ethics Commission to try to pressure gun owners to back down,” the National Association for Gun Rights email continues. “But make no mistake – we will never back off when it comes to protecting your Second Amendment Rights.”

Good for them … neither will we.

Nikki Haley needs to learn that the Second Amendment isn’t a photo opportunity, it’s a basic freedom.  In fact based on her attempt to censor the free speech gun rights activists, it seems she needs the same object lesson when it comes to the First Amendment.