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More “Quinndom” Conspiracy Rumors




Earlier this week, we published an exclusive report exposing controversial campaign finance tactics allegedly employed by the consulting empire of Richard Quinn and Associates (a.k.a. “the Quinndom“).

Today we’re delving into another alleged “Quinn-gate” – namely the white hot rumor floating around the S.C. State House that the powerful consulting firm improperly leveraged its relationship with S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson to exact political retribution in a legislative leadership squabble.

According to sources close to S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell – who is currently facing a grand jury investigation led by Wilson’s office – representatives of the “Quinndom” approached him earlier this year and offered him a deal.

What was the rumored quid pro quo?

Simple: Harrell would award a coveted slot on the powerful, budget-writing S.C. House ways and means committee to Rick Quinn, Jr. (the son of Quinndom patriarch Richard Quinn, Sr.) in exchange for the public corruption case against the Speaker disappearing.

“(Rick) Quinn put the hard sell on Harrell,” one lawmaker told us, referring to the battle for the ways and means committee assignment.

According to the lawmaker, Quinn was informed on Friday January 10 that he was not getting the ways and means committee position – that Harrell was instead awarding it to Democratic lawmaker Jimmy Bales.

Three days later, Wilson shocked Palmetto political observers (including the authors of this website) by sending Harrell’s case to the statewide grand jury.

Harrell has repeatedly decried Wilson’s decision as “politically motivated” – but he hasn’t elaborated on what that means.

Could this be it?

Hmmmm …

Before investing too heavily in this theory, a few key observations must be made: 1) As it relates to the allegations of corruption Wilson is investigating, Harrell is guilty as sin. We’ve said so repeatedly, and have been calling on him to resign for over a year. 2) More to the point: Despite an abundance of conspiracy theories, we’ve seen nothing whatsoever to suggest Wilson has mishandled this case – or had anyone leverage it (and by extension him) for political gain.

Those are two critical points to bear in mind …

In fact as far as we can tell the only thing causing Wilson headaches as it relates to his investigation of Harrell is his association with “the Quinndom.”