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FITSNews Candidate Survey: Russell Guerard



What’s your name? Russell Guerard

Where are you from? Lowcountry of SC

What office are you running for? State House Seat 110

What political party do you belong to? Republican

What’s your occupation? Real Estate Broker

Are you a government employee or does your company receive contracts, incentives or other monetary subsidization from any government entity? (If yes, feel free to provide details). No

Why are you running for this office? Because I represent Low country values of honor, accountability, integrity, and transparency which I believe have been lacking from our current leadership.

What do you see as the most important issue facing your community/ city/ state/ country? (Please answer for each category irrespective of the office you are seeking). Out of control government spending and inefficacies at all levels and ethics reform and infrastructure at the state and national level.

What would you do if elected to address those issues? I would try and reduce the amount of money that is collected by the state by eliminating the individual income tax and replacing the lost revenue with an increased sales tax, try and run the agencies within our State Government more efficiently, and look at an increase in taxing what our tourist pay to come enjoy this beautiful state.

There has been no ethics reform in Columbia for 20 years, and that needs to change.  I firmly believe that there has to be an independent council that oversees the legislature, I have used these sayings before and I’ll use them again, “would you play a football game and not have any refs?”, “would you have a school without a principal?”. Heck no, its the same thing with the Legislature.  I cannot point out how critical this one element is. There MUST be an independent counsel. It doesn’t matter if you are a democrat, independent, or republican, I believe we all agree on this.

Dana Beach wrote a great article y’all printed a few weeks ago about the gas tax.  Our infrastructure around the state needs a lot of work and a great way to get the money needed to do the work is to increase the gas tax.  If consumers know that 100% of that tax was going directly into an account that would take care of SC roads and bridges, I believe most people would be in favor of a tax hike on gas, but ONLY if 100% went to the cause, otherwise, no deal.

Why should people vote for you? Being born and raised right here in the beautiful low country has been awesome, I cant think of a better place to live with my wife and bring up our three young children. I love this part of the world and I want to see it prosper. My wife and I are self employed with 3 young children that I hope will live, work, and raise their families here, so I have a responsibility and a vested interest to make sure that SC’s best days are in front of us. I’m determined, interested and fair and I will bring 50 years of very knowledgeable low county experience to the table.

If you are running in a contested election, why should people not vote for your opponent(s)? My opponent is an 18 year state house incumbent and I’d rather focus on what I’m going to do for the low country, staying positive verses what my opponent has not done.

How can voters connect with you? (i.e. campaign website, social media, email or any other mode of communication you prefer). My website is My email address is My cell phone is 843-478-3000.