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T-Rav Goes Off




Thomas Ravenel is a rich guy. A good-looking guy (for any age). A guy with a gorgeous model for a girlfriend. A famous guy … who’s about to become even more famous when his reality TV show – Southern Charm – debuts on Bravo next month.

Naturally, lots of people hate him. And if you don’t believe us … feel free to peruse the comments section of this article.

Before you do that, though, it’s worth perusing some of the indisputable truth that Ravenel – one of the Palmetto State’s most outspoken political figures – dropped on the pages of The (Charleston, S.C.) City Paper this week.

Rarely, in our humble estimation, is the nail so squarely struck on the head.

After briefly addressing his upcoming reality show (“my personal life has always been pretty entertaining, so I can only hope it will make for entertaining television”), Ravenel’s pen turned a bit introspective.

“I’ve always been very successful in business, and when it comes to politics, I’ve always come down on the right side — the side of free markets, individual liberties, and the individual taxpayer,” he wrote. “So my personal life is a little crazy. I’ve still got two out of three. And two out of three ain’t bad.”

Ha! Pretty good …

That’s when Ravenel put down the pen and pulled out a flamethrower, though …

Some people will question or criticize my association with this show. To them I would say this: There are legions of indistinguishable, supposedly upright, and virtuous people in public office — so-called principled leaders with perfect families, blemish-free backgrounds, and alternating red or blue ties to match their American flag lapel pins. These cookie-cutter politicians stand in front of cameras and read from teleprompters about how they know what’s best for us — how they will take care of us — yet these are the very people bankrupting our future generations and running our Republic into the ground.

Every year, every election — it’s the same old thing. Yet nothing ever gets better. Nothing ever changes.

If you ask me, those are the real criminals in this country — the “native criminal class” Mark Twain spoke of — not people like me who have the audacity to live our personal lives as we see fit.

I stand against those criminals. I stand for the simple belief that when it comes to helping people and expanding prosperity, markets work — bureaucracies don’t.

Wow …

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why we love T-Rav. Yeah, he’s rich … but it’s not the rich people he’s fighting for. In fact his unapologetic, uncompromising pro-free market position runs directly counter to Washington D.C.’s bipartisan coddling of the “one percent.”

So hate on, T-Rav haters … dude’s still looking out for you.