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Democratic S.C. Sen. Joel Lourie was ripped (rightfully) this week after allegations surfaced that he bullied local election commissioners into keeping his brother-in-law on the government dole.

Ah, nepotism …

Lourie’s brother-in-law, Garry Baum, was an employee at the Richland County Election Commission – which FITS readers will recall is the corrupt-to-the-core local bureaucracy responsible for a $1.2 billion theft of taxpayer money in 2012.

According to the commission’s recently ousted director Howard Jackson, Baum made multiple errors leading up to the November 2013 elections. But when Jackson attempted to take these issues to the election board he was told to “stand down.”

SCGOP chairman Matt Moore blasted Lourie over the allegations.

“It is a gross abuse of power that Senator Lourie feels his brother-in-law’s cushy job is more important than the citizens of Richland County’s constitutionally guaranteed right to vote,” Moore said. “Senator Lourie should immediately apologize to Richland County residents for any intimidation on his part that led to his brother-in-law not being fairly disciplined for violating their constitutional rights.”

Lourie should apologize …

But Moore’s party doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to nepotism. Look no further than S.C. Senate President John Courson – or Gov. Nikki Haley.

This website has consistently urged lawmakers to enact tough anti-nepotism legislation – barring family members and co-workers of elected officials from receiving government business.

Will such a reform ever pass? HA!


Sorry … um, maybe … we meant to say maybe.