So this pink Post-It note was discovered on a gas pump in Charleston, S.C. by one of our intrepid readers … the latest manifestation of increasingly informal efforts by insurgent political campaigns (and their supporters) to pick up cheap name identification against well-funded rivals.

“Who is Lee Bright?” the Post-It asks.

Obviously we know who Lee Bright is … heck, we filed a report on him a few moments ago.


Bright is a State Senator running in a “Republican” primary against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham.

(Wait … did we just fall for the oldest trick in the book?)

Curse you, random Lee Bright supporter!

Obviously most South Carolinians do not know who Bright is – which is why his supporters are engaging in asymmetrical adhesive warfare on our state’s gas pumps in an effort to drive traffic to his website. And if Bright’s fundraising efforts don’t pick up (and soon), there’s a good chance most South Carolinians will never know who he is.

Unless he’s got a LOT of pink Post-Its …