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Lee Bright And Machine Gun Teachers



This website has made our views on S.C. Sen. Lee Bright pretty clear …

He’s always been a rock solid vote for freedom and free markets in the South Carolina State Senate … which is a good thing. But he’s also been a sanctimonious moralizer whose intellectual capacity is decidedly incompatible with his last name (hence his Senate nickname, “Dim Bulb”).

More importantly there’s Bright’s disastrous personal financial situation – which makes it virtually impossible for him to argue with any credibility on the pressing fiscal issues of the day (which are every bit as important as the individual liberty issues).

Anyway …

Bright is in the crosshairs of the far left for his recent comments on Fox News Radio’s The Alan Colmes Show, which featured an exchange about arming teachers with machine guns.

Here’s how it went down …

COLMES: So (teachers) shouldn’t have machine guns?
BRIGHT: I would think a teacher protecting a school grounds should be able to carry whatever she can carry legally.
COLMES: So should machine guns be legal to carry?
BRIGHT: The Second Amendment is pretty clear. It says the right to carry arms should not be infringed …
COLMES: So you should be able to have any gun you want?
BRIGHT: Well, I don’t see how the government can regulate it.

We’re actually with Bright on this one …

This website has no problem with armed teachers.  We believe “teacher carry” is more than just a constitutionally protected right, it is a deterrent to school violence – assuming the teachers go through the proper training.

And while carting a machine gun into a school strikes us as overkill … again … that’s the sort of thing that ought to be left up to the free market (i.e. parents and guardians empowered with their own tax dollars in the education marketplace), not government.

So while Bright is indeed the moron the far left is labeling him as this week … it’s not for his position on this particular issue.

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