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What Do People Care About?



Gallup has published some new data this week in which Americans were asked to share their biggest concerns.

No. 1? Government …

Twenty-one percent of respondents to this open-ended question listed dissatisfaction with government/ politicians as their top concern.  That ranked ahead of the economy (18 percent), employment (16 percent), health care (16 percent) and the national debt (8 percent).

Obviously a compelling case can be made that broader economic woes and concern over individual employment are both “economic” issues (which would make the economy the runaway No. 1 issue), but still: The Gallup data is another damning indictment of America’s lack of faith in its “leaders.”

What does America not care about? The wealth gap (4 percent), education (4 percent), foreign policy (3 percent) and immigration (3 percent).

What’s also telling about these numbers?

A year ago, only four percent of Americans listed health care as their No. 1 area of concern – a number that has quadrupled over the last twelve months.  According to Gallup’s pollsters, this is “likely related to highly visible problems with the rollout of the 2010 healthcare law.”

Anyway, to view the Gallup data for yourself (including survey methodology, etc.), click here …

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