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Letter: SC #Ballotgate Lives!



Dear Editor,

#Ballotgate lives …

The election of Marlon Kimpson – who served as the Election Commission chairman during Democrat Gov. Jim Hodges’ administration and is a lawyer at the Motley Rice law firm – is being challenged on the grounds that he (and his Republican challenger) improperly filed their statements of economic interest.

Here is a link to an article on the lawsuit.

If anyone should know best how to legally file for state office it is Kimpson. And if the great laws of this state are to be applied blindly to all, it would appear that Alexandra Thornton and her 1.2 percent of supporters should prevail in this election.

I’m not holding my breath that this plays out as it should but it is definitely an interesting topic considering the results achieved by incumbents last year to remove 250 challengers from primary ballots.

I know that FITS has reported on Alexandra a number of times recently. I want more of Alexandra. Let’s see/hear more about her and the status of this challenge.



sic speaking

Agreed: If Kimpson and his GOP challenger made a mistake on their economic interest statements, then they should be disqualified. That’s only fair in light of what happened last year. Per your request I reached out to Alex Thornton and asked her what she thought of all this. Her response? “My position is that the rules should be followed by the rule makers.” Amen to that. And yes, I suspect you and I are not the only ones who want “more of Alexandra.” Brains and beauty is a nice combo, isn’t it?

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