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Haley Spokesman: Governor “Most Transparent” In SC History



S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is the focus of an expansive new national story published this week by Bloomberg reporter Toluse Olorunnipa (who to our knowledge is not a food critic).

On the whole, Olorunnipa’s Bloomberg piece is pretty fair. It delves into several of Haley’s scandals while permitting her surrogates to tout her talking points (Haley declined to be interviewed for the piece).

“As she’s tried to stay focused on job creation, opponents have used ethics charges and management mishaps as openings to knock her off track,” Olorunnipa reports. “As the attacks intensified, Haley’s voter-approval rating remained less than 50 percent as recently as April.”

The most curious line in the Bloomberg story? A quote from Haley’s spokesman Rob Godfrey, who referred to the governor’s administration as “the most transparent and open” in state history.

Um …. what?

Just last week Haley was busted banning the press from a meeting of “Republican” governors in Charleston, S.C. – the latest example of her administration’s decidedly anti-transparent behavior.

“Far from opening the doors on the Palmetto State’s secretive, corrupt government – Haley’s administration has made things demonstrably worse,” we wrote recently.

Need examples?

As a candidate in 2010 Haley invoked a legislative exemption to keep her taxpayer-funded emails, computer records and public phone records hidden from public view after she was accused of having two extramarital affairs.

She still hasn’t released any of that information, by the way …

Haley also failed to disclose more than $40,000 she received from a company doing business before the state.

Since taking office, Haley has been busted convening off-the-record public meetings, withholding relevant emails under the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and even deleting emails – although she claims to have stopped the latter abuse.

Under Haley’s “leadership,” South Carolina ranks dead last in the nation in access to public documents – and recently received an “F” for its transparency regarding academic funding.

Does that sound like the “most transparent and open” administration in state history to you?

Of course not …

Pic: Travis Bell Photography