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Where Is SC Delegation On Syria?



Three South Carolina congressmen are hard “no” votes against American military intervention in the Syrian civil war, sources tell FITS.

U.S. Reps. Jeff Duncan, Trey Gowdy and Mark Sanford – all Republicans – will vote against authorizing the administration of Barack Obama to use military force against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Another Republican lawmaker – U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney – is leaning “no.”

Good for them …

Meanwhile, the status of “Republican” lawmakers Tom Rice and Joe Wilson has yet to be determined – with Wilson saying he is “undecided.”

Jim Clyburn – the lone Democratic member of the South Carolina congressional delegation – is also “undecided.”

In the U.S. Senate, South Carolina’s senior Senator Lindsey Graham is one of seven “Republicans” to pledge his support for military intervention. U.S. Sen. Tim Scott remains undecided.

This website has written extensively against American intervention in Syria.

“The national defense is a core function of government outlined in our constitution,” we wrote. “But in no universe is intervening in this conflict – on the side of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda, no less – acting in defense of those interests. Intervening would, however, encroach on the sovereignty of another nation, incite anti-American fervor in the Middle East and fundamentally make our people less safe.”

Polling data affirms most Americans – 60 percent according to the latest Washington Post/ ABC News survey – agree with us.

America doesn’t want this war. Our allies don’t want this war. Our generals don’t want this war.

Why is there even a debate over getting involved?